Coming to Australia? Why

Here you may find some answers.



– Australia is ranked as the 2nd leader for quality of life (vs USA in 5th)

– English speaking country

– Currently selecting over 100,000.00 overseas workers per year

– Cheaper World class education, compared to Japan, USA, UK and Ireland

More: Reasons to come to Australia

* Австрали доллар (AUD$)-ийн Америк доллар (USD$)-тай харьцах eнeeдeрийн ханшийг Yahoo Finance-aas харна уу

Зарим ханшын талаарх ойролцоолсон дүнгүүд:

1 aud = 0.9x usd Mongolia Australia USA
Income p.a Gen 2000USD 43000AUD 30000USD
Income p.a Pro 4000USD 75000AUD 50000USD
Salary p/h Gen 3-8USD 13-45AUD 8-25USD
Salary p/h Pro 5-15USD 35-80AUD 20-50USD
A bottle of water 0.6USD 1.75AUD 1.5USD
A bottle of beer 1-1.5USD 1-3AUD 2-3USD
Bread 1pc – 450g 0.3USD 0.9-4AUD 1-2USD
Sausage 2-6USD 1-15USD 2-16USD
Milk 1 litre 0.6-1USD 1-2AUD 1USD
Egg 1 pc 0.2USD 0.2-1USD 0.2USD
Meat kg 3USD 2-10AUD 5-15USD
Flour 0.5USD 1AUD 0.6USD
Instant noodles 0.1-1USD 0.8-4AUD 0.8-3USD
A bottle of wine 8-10USD 1-20AUD 12-23USD
Cigarette 3USD 9-20AUD 20USD
Taxi /per km/ 0.3USD 1.40AUD 1.3USD
Post stamp 0.3USD 0.5-2AUD 0.5USD
Tissue/Moist 0.5-1USD 2-4AUD 1.5-2USD
Call cards – /min/ 0.7USD 0.02-0.35AUD 0.02-0.3USD
Internet service 0.4-1 USD 1.0-2AUD 1.5 USD
Tipping guide 10-15USD free 20% avg
Lunch 1-12USD 5-25AUD 6-12USD
Dinner 1-10USD 5-25AUD 5-10USD
Club, bar tax 3USD 0-10AUD 0-10USD
Fresh fruit /a kilo/ 0.5-3USD 0.50-5AUD 1-5USD
English newspaper 0.5USD 1.60AUD 1.5USD
Rent per month 100-800USD 360-1500AUD 500-800USD
Buy a house 50000USD 300000AUD 250000USD

* The above figures are rough estimations only. Check the relevant resources for the specific price details.






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