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Ian Usher eBay auction $2.2 million

Австралийн Перт мужийн иргэн 44 настай Иан Ушер гэгч гэрлэлтээ цуцлуулсны дараа амьдралаа шинээр эхлэхээр єєрийн гэсэн бvхнээ eBay цахим хуудсанд худалдахаар тавьжээ. Delgerengui: Perth Man Life on Ebay

Ene tuhai Australia-n bolon delhiin buh hevlel medeelliin heregseleer 3 sard zarlaj baisan baina. Duudlaga hudaldaand tuunii naiz nohod, hiideg ajil ni hurtel zaragdaj baigaa yum baina.

Tereer 385,000.00usd (420,000.00aud)-r unelj, baigaa buhnee www.ebay.com.au deer tavisan bogood shine amidral ehlehed tuund hagas saya dollar heregtei gesen tootsoo gargajee. Ter ene targetandaa hurch chadav uu? 6 sariin 24-nii ogloonii baidlaar 300,100.00aud -r duudlaga hudaldaa urgeljilseer baigaa yum baina.

Umnu ni tereer 2.2 saya dollariin bid avch, hudaldaagaa tur zogsooh gej baisan bolovch nerd garah gesen hulhi oroltsogch baisnii ulmaas duudlaga hudaldaagaa butsaan urgeljluulj baigaa ajee.

From: www.news.com.au

Auction: www.ebay.com.au

Question & Answer Answered On
Q: How much do you have in outstanding debt that is to be taken on by the prospective winner with the sale of your life ?? Or is that not included ?? 24-Jun-08
A: Can I suggest you go to http://www.alife4sale.com/forum_FAQ.htm for answer to this question and more. Cheers.
Q: How come your life sale was up to $2mil and now it’s back down to $300,000? 24-Jun-08
A: I had a couple of small technical difficulties with ebay pre-registration and as a result many fake bids up to 2 millions. This fake bids have now been retracted or deleted and only genuine bids are left.
Q: Can a work visa also be included? Coming from the US, I’m not sure they’d let me work there without one. 24-Jun-08
A: A visa is not something that can sold. I suggest you contact the Australian Embassy in your country for more details. Cheers.
A: The house and land together has been recently valued at between $400,000 and $420,000 (Australian). This valuation can be seen on my website at: http://www.alife4sale.com/list_House_valuation.htm There is much more information on everything included in the auction, including many pictures, at my website, http://www.ALife4Sale.com Please also be sure to look at the FAQ page, where many of the commonly asked questions are answered: http://www.alife4sale.com/forum_FAQ.htm
Q: Hi, Do you have a dog to go with the house please? Very Interested, even a goldfish would do? Thanks. 24-Jun-08
A: No, no pets.
Q: P.S. Wish you had a counter on this listing – it would be interesting to see how many people are viewing it! 24-Jun-08
A: There is a visits count on the top rigt corner of the page. 237170 so far.
Q: Here is my question !!!!!! Why does EBAY allow fake bidders to make a mockery of what is in fact a serious sale ? For too long now EBAY has let many fake bidders slip in and slip away without repremand!!!! This has caused me to LOSE complete faith in this WEBSITE !!!!! I have called them and they deny there is a problem !!! To all you smart dedicated website designers out there, MAKE ANOTHER HONEST TRADING WEBSITE AND MAKE YOURSELF MILLIONS !!!! 24-Jun-08
A: 🙂
Q: Just want to say that i hope you get the price that you are looking for and good on you. I think that it is pathetic all these people making bids they are not genuine about, i read the papers today and thought good on him he sounds like he deserves it, thought i would check out how it was going and saw all the retracted bids. JUST PLAIN RUDE. any way good luck mate. hope you get what you ask for price wise. 24-Jun-08
A: Thanks.
Q: How do I get on your approved bidder list? 24-Jun-08
A: please go to http://www.alife4sale.com/ebay_Registration.php to register Cheers.
Q: Hi Mate, Ive been following your auction quite closely and im very interested in placing a bid. How do we qualify to be placed on the pre approved bidders list? Thanks, Simonreale08 24-Jun-08
A: Please go to http://www.alife4sale.com/ebay_Registration.php
Q: How can I register to be a bidder? Raymond 24-Jun-08
A: please go to : http://www.alife4sale.com/ebay_Registration.php
Q: On the news it said that the bid was @ $2M what happened? 23-Jun-08
A: I had a couple of small technical difficulties with pre-registration on Ebay and as a result many fake bids from alot of very bored idiots out there who need to get a life, but who think it’s better to bid on mine. I think most people don’t realise the level of information a seller can access about bidders, So, after a few “entertaining” phonecalls to the top bidders, I have weeded out some definate fakes. It was very satisfying to get a bidder on the line, and tell them who I was. “Oh!” was the usual surprised reply, followed usually by some lame excuse, “My friend must have done it / my eBay account has been hijacked / I’ve changed my mind.” Hmmmmm. Eventually, as I worked backwards through the bids, I discovered that the highest bid from a genuinely registered bidder was down at $155,000, and I decided to delete all bids above that. I may have deleted some genuine ones, but if they want to place their bids again, they will be welcome to when they register. I apologise for the palava! It’s obviously disappointing, but not too surprising, and there is still a long way to go. I am getting heaps of email demanding to know what is going on, with bidding going up and down, some even suggesting this is all evidence of a big hoax. The only hoaxers here are the idiots bidding on something they have no intention of following up on. If you are genuinely interested in bidding, please go to http://www.alife4sale.com and follow the link by clicking on the homepage REGISTER button. There is still 5 days to go!
Ask seller a question

Ian Usher eBay auction $2.2 million bogus

Article from: PerthNow, by Narelle Towie, June 23, 2008 12:00pm

A PERTH man who was offered $2.2m when he put is life up for sale on eBay has had his multi-million dollar dreams crushed after bids were cancelled.

Ian Usher, a 44-year-old divorcee living in the Perth southern suburb of Wellard, is selling everything, including his home, car, hobbies – even friendships and his job – in the online auction after his marriage fell apart.

Late today the total amount offered for his “ALife4Sale” eBay item plummeted from $2.2 to just $155,100 after dis-genuine bids were removed from the online auction site.

The bids were removed after retractions were entered by users who said they entered the wrong amount or by others who were deemed not genuines bids by eBay.

Mr Usher, who is originally from Yorkshire in England, launched the auction on Sunday June 22 with a starting bid of $1.

Within hours he said was popping champagne corks as bids climbed toward six figures.

Early today his “ALife4Sale” eBay account had 114 bids and the highest bidder (Bidder 41) was offering a staggering $2.2 million for a package valued between $450,000 and $500,000.

But by 6pm his eBay dreams were shattered with the total bids now a far reach from his hopeful $500,000.

A note on the top of the account says: This listing is restricted to pre-approved bidders or buyers only.”


For further details on where I live, the life I lead, all of my possessions (including my house) as well as more information on friends, job, and much much more, read the description below and for even more details, go to the ALife4Sale.com website. My website has been live since March 2008 and contains extensive details about the auction (blog, listings, FAQ, videos, pictures, etc…)

Read on below, for full details of the following categories, and check out the website too. (ALife4Sale.com)

Perth, Western Australia
Jet Ski
The Spa
Home Entertainment System
TV, DVD Players, DVDs and CDs
Computer Equipment
Sofa and Rug
BBQ, Outdoor Setting, Hammock and Outdoor Equipment

Note: You can click on any of the pictures in this page to open a larger image.

This is the introductory video that I made when I launched the website on 14th March, 100 days before the start of the auction:-


I believe that life is all about experience and adventure. We only get one go at this; it’s not a rehearsal. That is why I have listed lifestyle as the first section in what is on offer at Alife4Sale.com although it is an intangible part of this auction and as such it can be difficult to pinpoint or give an exact description. However, to me it’s more important than the house or the car, and way more important than the job. A job is merely a means to provide the money to enjoy the life you want to lead. Sure, it’s nice if you enjoy your job, your life is more pleasant, but what you do with your own time is what life is about. I have a great lifestyle! This can be your lifestyle if you buy my life!

Take a look at some of the things my life has to offer:-

Perth, Western Australia

The key to this great lifestyle is the place where I live. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, and is home to around 2 million people. It is often referred to as a big country town, and while it is small enough to be a very friendly place to live, it has all of the conveniences that a major city has to offer.

The weather here is fantastic, hot and sunny all summer, and cool and mild in the winter. This encourages an outdoor lifestyle, and life in Perth revolves around the beaches, the river, the parks and the cafes, and of course the many public BBQs freely available all over the city.

But don’t just take my word for it – check out this independent review of Perth as a place to live:-
“Perth, Western Australia – A Lifestyle That is Hard to Beat”


I love anything that gets the adrenalin pumping, and four years ago took up skydiving. It is an awesome activity, and really does remove you from any of life’s little worries. During a skydive there really is no room in your head for anything but the here and now, and it puts all of life’s little worries into perspective. The weather out at the local dropzone in York is ideal for jumping all year round, with hot dry conditions in summer, and cooler calmer conditions in winter. Winter jumping is great because there is always a last load at sunset, which is amazing.

Jet skis have been a huge part of my life for many years. I have been jet skiing for a while now, and still enjoy it. I have a 1995 Kawasaki 650SX on a trailer. It is fully registered and is great fun to use on the Swan river or on the Indian Ocean.

Kite surfing is my new big thing. I only started a couple of months ago, but it is fantastic. I have a OZONE training kite which is the perfect gear to get started.

Perth has some of the best kite surf weather, with very reliable onshore winds almost every day. Leighton beach is the ideal stop off point on the way home after a day at work.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture


The house is almost new. It was built by Homebuyers Centre and completed November 2006.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and covered, secure parking for two cars. It is ideal for a single occupier like myself, a couple, or would make a great family home. The main bedroom at the front of the house has a great en suite, the other two bedrooms towards the rear having their own bathroom and WC.

The front of the house faces west, and looks out over natural bushland, and benefits from some beautiful sunsets. Sides of the house, including the main living areas face north and south. In summer, vertical blinds can be closed to keep living areas cool, and opening these blinds in winter keeps the house warm by gathering heat from the winter sun.

A laneway at the rear of the house allows for vehicle access, and an automatic roller garage door opens onto a double parking area, and there is also plenty of extra parking space for other toys, such as the motorbike and the jet ski.

There is also a good sized storage shed at the rear, for tools, bicycles, water ski gear, etc.

Among my favourite features of the house is the north-facing courtyard, which is protected from the wind and catches plenty of sun all year round. I have a large spa in this courtyard, which is very relaxing.

The living area is large and comfortable, and has a projector and DVD surround sound system, and movies look awesome on the large screen, which can be powered away when not in use. The spa and screen are set up so that movies or music videos can be enjoyed from the comfort of the spa! Now that’s lifestyle!

The house is built on a good sized block, an area of 399 sqm. The house itself covers an area of 143 sqm, the carport is 32 sqm, and the store room is 5 sqm.

The garden is mainly paved in poured limestone, with some flower beds which are watered by an automated reticulation system. All plants are hardy Australian natives, which thrive in Perth’s hot sunny climate. The whole garden was designed to be minimal maintenance, and apart from occasionally brushing away leaves from the beautiful big gum tree in front of the house, there really is nothing to do in the garden other than relax and enjoy.
The house is brick construction, external walls 250mm cavity brickwork, internal walls 90mm thick brickwork.

The roof is metal, which reflects the heat well in summer, and there is insulation to all roofspace.

There is a gas hot water system, a gas hob, and a gas bayonet for a heater, which is very rarely needed, even in the depths of winter. Everything else is powered by electricity supply.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

For more photos, house plans and Real Estate Valuations, go to the “House And Contents” section at the ALife4Sale.com website.

Take a video tour of the house by clicking the “Play” button in the video below:-


I offer 4 modes of transport as part of the auction: a car, a motorbike, a jet ski and a pushbike.

I love my car! It’s getting on a bit now, but in its day it must have been a very luxurious model. I have had it over five years and it has never given me any trouble. Paint is starting to peel a bit – that’s Perth sunshine for you – but it still goes great.
It is automatic, has cruise control, aircon, power steering, power windows and mirrors, and is amazingly comfortable.
It’s pretty big, but is ideal for towing the jet ski, or for filling with kite surf gear.

I bought my motorbike second hand about six months ago.
It’s reliable, fast, exciting, and great fun!

The jet ski is a fairly recent acquisition, and is a great fun toy

I also have an old pushbike which I bought years ago second-hand off a bicycle hire company at a bargain price. It still works okay, and is ideal to get to the shops or the beach, or just riding around the bush trails nearby.

Mazda 929 (1989) – WA registered until Jan 09
Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R (1996) – WA registered until Sept 08 (complete with 2 helmets)
Kawasaki 650SX jet ski – (1995 approx – not sure!) – WA registered until Dec 08 (on a registered trailer)
Polaris 15-speed mountain bike of indeterminate age


The Spa

This is the ultimate accessory for relaxing or partying. The spa can be kept at a nice temperature whatever the weather outside. Enjoy a cool dip on a hot summer’s day, protected from the sun by the shade sail above, or a hot spa on a cool winter’s night, gazing at the stars above or at the big projector screen.

The screen can be seen clearly from the spa, either directly, or in the mirror in the dining room. Outdoor speakers by the spa further enhance the spa movie/music experience.

I find that live concert DVDs are great entertainment when there is a group of people in the spa.

It comes with a hard cover and a detachable step. The heater is electric and is connected direct to the house mains electric on its own separate circuit.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

Home Entertainment System

My home entertainment system is absolutely fantastic! I have a Benq projector mounted on the ceiling. This is connected to an LG 5-speaker surround-sound DVD player. All cables are routed through the roof space and down a conduit hidden in the wall, so the whole setup looks very clear and uncluttered.
There is a big screen which is powered down or away at the touch of a button on the remote control. Movies look awesome on the big screen, and the surround-sound makes for an almost cinema-like experience.

I have also set up the system so that I can connect the computer to both the sound system and the projector, and can use that as a music jukebox, or sit with a wireless keypad and mouse and browse pictures or video, or even chat online from the comfort of the big sofa.
I can also connect the video camera to the system and watch anything that has been filmed straight onto the big screen too.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

TV, DVD Player, DVDs and CDs

I have a PlayStation hooked up to the system too, which is hidden away in the drawer of the video unit. Get it out of the drawer, and with the press of a couple of buttons you can play games in huge, spectacular fashion.

In the main bedroom there is a TV with an LG DVD player/Video recorder. I am a big fan of movies, and at the moment have been enjoying some of the recent top quality TV series that are around. Lying in bed is a pretty good place to enjoy a movie, or episode of a favourite series. When it finishes, press a button on the remote, and fall asleep. Luxury!

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

Computer Equipment

The laptop computer is a two year old HP Pavilion Notebook. There is also a Canon printer, which can also print directly onto printable discs. There is a scanner too, speakers, and a headset with microphone, which can be used for video chat.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

I tend to use the computer alot for playing music, as I can open the front window and listen to the music while swinging in the hammock or on the lounger. It is also pretty good for parties, as I can connect it to the projector and surround sound system, and set up a party music playlist. Visuals from the computer look great on the big screen.


I have become very interested in video editing. Using the laptop and the video camera together, it is possible to edit a video, add some music and make some pretty good video clips. You can see many of them in the ALife4Sale.com website. The camera, which is a JVC, comes with a tripod and all the necessary cables.
The stills camera is a Fuji, and has taken great pictures for me for a few years now.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

Sofa and Rug

I currently work a up-market rug shop. As well as importing top quality traditional rugs Jenny Jones Rugs can custom design and make to order more contemporary rugs. This rug was especially designed for me, it is made of wool and silk.
The sofa is hand-made by an Italian furniture craftsman. The two items were designed to work together and make a comfortable, quality living area.
The sofa is so comfy, and on many occasions I have fallen asleep on it after watching a movie and not woken until the next morning.

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

BBQ, Outdoor Setting, Hammock and Outdoor Equipment

Being south of the city means that it is only a short drive out to some beautiful countryside. Down the coast is Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton with its long jetty, and the beautiful Margaret River wine region beyond that. Inland to the south is Pemberton and the magnificent forests. Further south, on the southern coast, Walpole and Albany are very scenic, and beautiful Esperance is further along the southern coast to the west.
There is so much to see out there, grab the tent for the weekend, jump in the car and go and discover!

Barbeques is what life in Australia is all about! There are free public BBQs in practically all public parks and at most beaches. But any Aussie front or back yard is not quite complete without a barbie.

Dining out under the shade of the big gum tree at the front, with a group of friends, sharing a good bottle of Margaret River wine as the sun sets in the west just can’t be beaten. Can you imagine yourself here, doing this? Then make a bid for it!

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture


Of course, the house is fully furnished, and all that is in the house, absolutely everything, is included in the auction.
As well as the items mentioned above, there is heaps of other useful and interesting stuff around the house:-
– Gas Heater plus gas bottle for winter and fans for hot summer nights
– Hammock, BBQ, tools and garden equipment
– All the kitchen ustensiles: pans, sauce pans, plates, cutlery, glasses, serving plates, can opener etc …
– Bed linen and towels
– Washing machine, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, vaccum cleaner, kettle, etc
– All my wardrobe (i’m 5’10 and medium built)
– Dining table and chairs, desk, office chair, bed, bedside tables, sofa, coffee table
– Contents of laundry, bathroom cabinets, kitchen pantry and fridge
– Content of bedside tables and office drawers
– Cds and DVDs, entertainement system, TV and DVD players
– Video camera, still camera
– All the kitchen utensils: pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses, serving plates, can opener, etc …
– Bed linen and towels
– and much much more…

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

For more details on these items and much more, see the ALife4Sale.com website


Friends are included here as part of my “life” package, but let’s make one thing very clear! I am not selling my friends, and I have never said that I am selling my friends in any of my publicity, or in any interview!

What is on offer here is an introduction to some good friends of mine here in Perth. These are wonderful people, who are kind enough to offer a warm welcome to a new arrival. Settling in a new city, or perhaps even a new country can be quite daunting, so having a few local people that you can turn to for advice and support is a big help.

For more details, see the “Friends” page at the ALife4Sale.com website.


I worked for three years for Jenny Jones Rugs in Claremont, here in Perth. Three years! After two years there it became the longest job I had ever had in my life! I guess that is testament to the people I worked for and with.

However, a couple of years ago I decided it was time for a change, and left Jenny Jones Rugs in April 2006 to begin a new career as a mine dump truck driver. I moved out to Kalgoorlie for six months, where I became a trainee driver in the SuperPit gold mine, and then when the house in Wellard was finished I moved back to Perth.

For the last year I have worked at a remote gold mine way up north in WA, near Broome. The work is done on a fly-in fly-out basis, which means I flew up there for a two week period, working 7 day shifts and 7 night shifts, then flew back home for a week off. It is a pretty unusual lifestyle, and the money is great, but working away tends to have an impact on your social life.

And so, at Christmas I resigned from the mining lifestyle, and am now back in the city, back at Jenny Jones Rugs, which is great. Jenny and Dennis are awesome people, and when I approached them with my “life for sale” idea, Jenny loved it. So, as part of the whole package, there is a job included too at Jenny Jones Rugs. The job is as a rug store assistant, and responsibilities include dealing with customer enquiries, delivery and collection of rugs from customer homes, store presentation, coffee making, anything and everything really! It’s a great job, nice place, and good people.

The job would really only be suitable for someone who is physically capable of moving the rugs around, as some of the work can be quite heavy.

Jenny and Dennis are prepared to offer an initial two-week trial period to the new owner of my life. If this is successful, this will then become a three month trial period, and finally, if all goes well for everybody, a full time position.

Thanks to you both, you are great friends.

Alternatively, I am quite happy to offer any advice and assistance if the new owner is interested into getting into the booming WA mining and resources industry. The money is very good, and they are crying out for qualified people, but there are also opportunities for new starters too. Obviously I can make no guarantees in this area, but can offer plenty of practical advice gained from personal experience.

If neither of these possibilities is of interest, then there is plenty of other work available in Perth. Because of the booming resources sector, many people are leaving more traditional jobs to chase the high wages that mining offers, and thus there are desperate labour shortages in almost all areas of employment, as detailed in the following two news articles:-
The West Australian – WA Jobs
The West Australian – Labour Shortage

For more details, see the “Job” page at the ALife4Sale.com website.


During the 100 day period from the launch of my website to the start date of the auction, I have been asked many questions. The answers to the most common ones are shown on my “Frequently Asked Questions” page, so please take a look there.

However, I will make a couple of points clear here too:-

1). Potential buyers of this package does not need to concern themselves with any mortgage or debt that I have on the property. In Western Australia transfer of property is done through a Settlement Agent, who pays off any mortgage I have outstanding with my bank before releasing the balance of the proceeds of the sale to me, The buyer is responsible for arranging their own finance, and is in no way responsible for my loans or debts. There is no outstanding finance at all on any of the vehicles, or anything else in the house.

2). The buyer is not purchasing my identity. Items not included in the sale are my name, my passport, my Australian Citizenship, my financial or personal details, or any personal details on the hard drive of my computer, which will be deleted. After the sale I will still be me, you will still be you!!

3). It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are in a position to bid for and buy this package. Please consider your personal position very carefully before making a bid. DO NOT BID if you are not in a position financially to complete the purchase immediately, or if you do not have the appropriate visas to be able to purchase property in Australia.

4). By offering this package, I make no guarantee that you will be able to buy it. It is your responsibility to decide this yourself.

5). Start price for the auction is one Australian Dollar. All bids are in Australian Dollars.

6). There is a reserve price that will need to be reached for the auction to be successful. I believe I have set this reserve at a realistic level, as I wish the auction to reach a successful conclusion.


1). There is a registration process, bidding will only be allowed by pre-approved registered bidders. The reason for this is to try to avoid fake bids, and ensure that the auction reaches a successful conclusion, and only receives bids from serious bidders.

I am sure all genuine bidders will understand the need for a process such as this, and will see that it is mainly for the protection of serious bidders. It’s a shame it has to be like this, but there are a few idiots out there who take pleasure in spoiling things for everybody else.

2). If you are the successful winning bidder, immediate contact via email or telephone is expected. Payment of a $1,000 payment is expected within an hour of the conclusion of the auction, either by PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit. This is to confirm the genuine nature of the buyer.

Full payment of a 10% deposit must be made to my nominated Settlement Agent within three business days, and settlement in full is expected to take place within a maximum of 30 days.

3). You are responsible for appointing your own Settlement Agent.



If you have any questions, please refer first of all to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page on my website. There is also a Blog and a Bulletin Board where many other questions, opinions and issues are raised. You should find answers to pretty much everything here. But if not, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Good Luck!


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